Private Coaching at Massive Voodoo

Last month it was time to get deeper into the miracles of painting skin ,to do so I went to the Massive Voodoo Studio.
After three workshops in the last year, I felt that I would like to get a bit deeper into the matter of painting miniatures .

It was the right decission that I didn`t do the private coaching last year cause I had first to handle the impressions of all those workshops in 2014.
For the private coachinb I had to focus on a specific topic, to make sure not only to scratch the surface .

After I  found a topic of my main interest which had been  color variations into skin,  I had to decide which bust I would like to paint. This wasn`t as easy then I thought cause I `ve got a lot of different stuff at home like I think  everybody here does ;)
Here are my first choices :

                                            Sorry ,this photo is a bit dark . It's an invisible german native on the left.

I decided to take 2 bust to Augsburg , the mongole warrior and the native german .
My first choice was the warrior cause I love the sculpt and the german was a reserve if there would be time to have a look for another skintone in cold ambience, but how you gonna see later there had been none :)

The coaching started tuesday at 10 am  and after a coffee and a cigarette , we sat together and looked at some references for me to choose .
After that it was time to have some fun with colors and theory .
My first mission was to mix some skintones out of the primary  colors . It sounds boring but it was really fun to see what you can reach with just three colors and this made me feel comfortable to try palying around with color variations.

After that I took my refrence picture and mixed up my basic skintone and started to throw it on to the bust .
That worked out great , yeaaah :)
Next step was to bring in some shadows from the lightest to the darkest , the same I did with the highlights .
Between this processes  I recieved regular reflections and tipps about painting the different volumes into the right shadows and highlights ,some tricks how to handle the brush to paint eyes and so on .Meanwhile Roman and Raffa worked on their own skin projects.
Here are some wip`s

                                                                                  My wip

wip from  Raffa

                                                                              wip  from Roman

Meanwhile they introduced me how to work in some different colors to make skin more lively.
Those colors had been glazed in. Afterwards I soften them out with the main tone of the skin color.

At the end I wanna thank Raffa  & Roman  for this wonderfull private coaching . I really learned a lot and went home with a loaded brush of inspiration .
It hadn`t been just a private coaching it was also meeting of friends . Big shout out for Bene ,Raffa and Roman you guys are awesome and I am looking foward for the next meet up.

Fazit :
If you wanna force you painting skill and getting deeper into a painting topic I can absolutely recommend this private coaching .
You gonna get instructions of 2 really talented painters and teachers.
I took profit out of two different painting styles Raffa is the physicist and Roman is the romantic .
If you wanna do a private coaching in future make sure to concentrate on one topic or at most two , cause you wanna make sure to get deep into the topic you choose. Otherwise time will be to short and you just gonna scratch the surface .

Thx for your attention out there and I close with Roman`s words : Keep On Happy Painting


Modells Unpacked ("Wizard of Pumpkinland" from TinyTalesStudio)

Hey Guys,

today i want to show you a really cool small guy! The Wizard of Pumpkinland from tinytalesstudio. Tinytales is a small miniature company with a big amount of really cool small miniatures and scenery parts. And the best all the miniatures and stuff are cheaper than a Double Whopper in Burger King :). Three Euro for one miniature? What the.... ! I think you will not find much miniatures with such a low price!

Check out Tinytales here on Facebook and give a like if you want :)

Also you can check out Phils cool review about small equipment for scenery and a other cool miniature from tinytales too that way :)

And check out our current special TinyTales category in our GoldenVinci 2015 contest. Maybe you are fast and can manage a entry with that figure :). There is still over one month left for you ;) so take part and win a aweseome TinyTales Trophie!

Ok lets start with the pictures and after that my conclusion :D

If you want to paint a small figure in between your other projects the TinyTaleStudio miniatures are absolutely perfect! The miniature has only a small mould line you can see on the third picture. This mould line is easy to fix and for 3€ this miniature is just awesome! Where you can get this miniature? Have a look in Vlado's shop BigPandaV ! Here you can get the most of the TinyTales stuff and much more.

Casting quality: 5 out of 6 points
Packaging: 6 out of 6 points
Modelling: 5 out of 6 points
Cost effectiveness: 6 out of 6 points +1 bonuspoint because it's soooo cheap

23 out of 24 points -->VERY GOOD*  

I hope you like it!

Cheers Manu


Blood Angels Commission "Corbulo" and "Sanguinius Priest"

Hey Guys,

a few days ago I've showed you a picture of two Blood Angel Marines. This was a small commission for a Tabletop gaming army I've painted. I planed about 2 hours of work for each marine at the end the whole paintjob for both marines took me about 5 hours.


The next commission I got is a special sculpted 18cm tall miniature. And this time finialy a commission with nearly no time limit "thank you god!" :). At the end it should be a cabinet modell for a collector. And I'm very honoured that I'm allowed to paint this model! Stay tuned! I will show you a few pictures of the project in the next days.

Cheers Manu


Wooorkbench Lifesign from CrazyWenky

Hey Guys,

maybe you remember me, it’s me CrazyWenky I’m one of dieVincis :D!

Yes a long time has passed since my last post. A reeeally long time. There are a lot of things I had and still have to do outside the hobby and if I have some time for painting or sculpting whatever the motivation for a blog post didn’t exist. Fortunately my new hobby room is finished and now I have no more an excuse for a missing work place!

Anyway :) I don’t wanna talk too much about less motivation, or find some reason why I’m so long away from the blog. Let’s celebrate my first NEW Blogpost after some Months!

In November Phil, Vlado and I decided to try a little motivation push. We called it One month one project (and a post of this project on the blog). If anyone don’t complete this monthly challenge have to pay 5€ in our summer Barbecue Piggy Bank :D. Ok at the moment Vlado and I (especially me) were the power supporter for this event :) Phil did nearly all of his projects (damned you and your motivation :D). Be sure you will see the pictures of our EpicVinciMealtime :D because you know, dieVincis contains all the things for real men... miniatures and good food :D

Ok back to the challenge I painted every month a project up to 90% ready and started a new one in the followed months. Bad mistake I should always finish the one piece and show it on the followed month :). Ok this is now past. Today you see a few of my WIP pictures of the last OMOP’s (my new word for “One month one project“ OMOP). I hope you like it. All projects still WIP ;) I hope to finish this pieces soon! The bust and the Goblin will get a little unpacked in the next days :) Stay tuned:)


And do not forget :) only few weeks left for the GoldenVinci 2015 competition! Hurry up a lot of beautiful entries ar in yet. 




Sha'un - Beastman Erste Farbe

Hallo Freunde des Malens und Bastelns,

heute geht es weiter mit meinem Bericht über das Bemalen von Sha'Un dem Tiermensch. Nach langem hin und her Überlegen habe ich beschlossen zwei der Schmuckhörner auf dem Schulterpanzer umzubauen. Sie sind von der rechten auf die linke Schulter versetzt worden, was mir irgend wie harmonischer vor kommt. Aber seht selbst.

Dann bin ich mit meinen Malsachen zur Unterstützung - ich glaube Assistent nennt man das :) - vom BigPanda nach Blumberg-Achdorf zum Deluxe Workshop IV von Roman gefahren. Krass schon das fünfte mal das wir uns dort im Frühjahr treffen um ein Wochenende lang mit unserem Hobby zu verbringen und vom Geist des BAAM inspiriert zu werden. Und schon wieder eine Woche her das wir mehrere Tage nur mit Miniaturenmalen, lecker Essen und sehr wenig Schlaf verbracht haben. 

Natürlich hab ich Sha'Un mitgenommen und dort in meine Malecke eingerichtet. Roman und Raffa haben beide darauf bestanden das ich ihm zügig Farbe verpasse und so habe ich mich ans Werk gemacht und erst mal grob festgelegt welche Grundfarben das Fell und die Rüstung bekommen sollen.
Erste Farbskizze - noch ist alles ziemlich dunkel
Für die nächsten Bilder bin ich bisschen näher ran gegangen, denn es ging nun darum auch mehr im Detail Farbe aufzubringen um Sha'Un so richtig zum Leben zu erwecken. Dabei habe ich mit seinem Gesicht begonnen. Beim Maul, der Schnauze und den Ohren kam zunächst ein Ton Terracotta zum Einsatz, den ich dann immer weiter aufgehellt und in den ich sogar ein wenig von dem Blazing Orange gemischt habe, das ihr oben im Hintergrund sehen könnt.
Was für ein cooles Profil
Mist, ich hab vergessen das Fell an der Naht nachzumodellieren
Manchmal bremst man sich durch schlechte Vorbereitung der Miniatur selbst aus. Erst als schon Farbe drauf war, ist mir aufgefallen das an der Nahtstelle zwischen Torso und Kopf (das sind Guss bedingt separate Teile) vergessen habe mit Modelliermasse zu kaschieren.

Weitere Bilder dann im nächsten Teil,

Schönen Sonntag und verpinselte Grüsse!