Golden Vinci 2012 - and the winners arrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeee........

Herzliche Glückwünsche an die Gewinner.

Kategorie Einzelfigur / Category Singel Miniature

1. Platz / 1st Place

John Harrison

Emperors Children Space Marine

2. Platz / 2nd Place

Raffaele Picca

Nightbringer - Walking in the Shadow

3. Platz / 3rd Place

Angelica Myasischeva


Kategorie Monster / Category Monster

1. Platz / 1st Place

Roman Lappat

Rhino King

2. Platz / 2nd Place

Artem Romanov


3. Platz / 3rd Place

Oliver Späth

My Brother

Kategorie Fahrzeug / Category Vehicle

1. Platz / 1st Place

Dirk Seidel

Imperialer Höllenhund

2. Platz / 2nd Place

John Harrison

Taco-34 Beetle Bot

3. Platz / 3rd Place

Florian Weinheimer

Gundam TR-121

Offene Kategorie / Open Category

1. Platz / 1st Place

Roman Lappat

Treasure Hunter

2. Platz / 2nd Place

Raffaele Picca

Inner Peace

3. Platz / 3rd Place

Oliver Späth

Bilbo Beutlin - Auenland

Einen Sondervinci vergeben wir für den Beitrag Don´t fear the colour da er uns einfach extrem gut gefallen hat und für uns quasi eine Hommage an den Wettbewerb ist. Er hat uns viel Freunde bereitet, danke Benedikt :-)



Benedikt Sedlmair

Don´t fear the colour

12 Kommentare:

  1. Wuuuhuuu Gratulation von mir natürlich auch :D umso schneller ihr uns nun die Adressen zukommen lasst, desto schneller gibts die Vincis ;). Vlado wird euch aber diesbezüglich noch eine Email schreiben.

    Ich hoffe wir werden nächstes Jahr einen gleichen oder sogar noch höheren Ansturm erleben :)

    Liebe Grüße Manu

  2. Congrats everyone!

    I hope next time I'll be able to win a little Vinci :)

  3. Congrats to all Winners and all biiiiiiiiiiig thanks to the Vinci crew for the work done here for our beloved hobby and community :)


  4. I got to say the same as Raffa did! AWESOME CONTEST!

  5. Nice contest and some people were really fast with theire entrys. Well then some bigger Pics of the Rhino King.
    Their is also an tutorial for the tattoos.
    May be the winners have some more links and show us how they made some of this cool stuff.

  6. Congrats to Roman and Raffa for showing all newbiepainters whos the boss even in the smallest contest.
    Looking forward to the next golden vinci with 12 - 20 entrys.
    Thanks to the vincicrew for what they have done for the hobby and the community. I believe many passionate painters had seen a chance to get a little aknowledgement for their hard work, way from the eliteclass competitions.
    Thanks to the "lords of happy painting" for ruining it.
    I am glad that their are at least some elite painters who didn`t feel the need to show off here and try to support the underdogs insted of scaring them away.

    1. Dear "Anonym" i dont now why you are so mad about the two guys? They won the Catagories in which there had the best entries. why shouldnt it be rewarded? Roaman paints the whole day and raffa is one of the most talented guy i met. Did you participaded the contest?
      I hope the next golden Vinci will break through the 100 entrys, because we were overwelmed by the good quality of the entrys and the love some painters give into their projects. so take up your brush and get better its worth it.

  7. Its because those small contests are a chance for the non-elitepainters without the high winning chances from Golden Demonwinners like Roman and Raffa. I know thats because of such highclasspainters that many others haven`t tried to take part here.
    On top of that they come with even two pieces each. Its very demontivating and not really fair. Its like Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee taking Part at an High school Martial Arts contest.
    You sayd you were overwhelmed by the quality and the love some painters gave into their projects? But the ones who worked their ass will be very disappointed because all the effort is for nothing. Their are people who have to work really hard for such contest. Our Elite has won this asleep with their trainingpieces. So do you get the point why i am mad?

  8. I get the point, but it is an absolutely wrong point of view, instead of being mad about this you should be thankful. There are not many situations where a high school martial artist can fight Bruce Lee or Chuck Norris, and a good contestant would be glad to have such an opponent to fight for once, even if he looses. Sometimes the mouse beats the lion...

    Efforts for nothing ? So painting is just fun when you win something ? Really ? -.-

    Besides, the two of them don't have magic brushes that just paint whatever they imagine, they too worked their asses off for their eintries.

    I think all Pro/Am contests are a great thing and also an opportunity for many.

    Just my two cents.

  9. "Our Elite has won this asleep with their trainingpieces"? Do you really think anyone in this competition didnt do his best? I dont understand your point. Its a competition and everyone can join with as many entrys he wishes.so i think it would be unfair to say "hey you are too good for our competition" and where is the line between good and winning the contest and too good to winning the contest?

  10. Hi,
    a big thank u to Die Vincis for this nice event.
    Manny awesome work from everyone who joined.
    Congrats to all who made this so nice and Colorfull.

    To bad that so many people get infected by "Voodoo" and turn into brainless Zombies.

    Dont get me wrong some of the Voodoo guys do awesome work.
    But most of the time u see the same colorless sloppy work covered with dirt, thats boring.
    This Voodo Guys are Human and the paintjobs are most of the time average.

    I was surprised with Picsters Monk Thats an beautiful piece of Miniature painting. Thanks man u did a great Job.

    For those people who think about thats so unfair that Pro painter join here i can say guys get real and wake up. In a contest like this the Judges do the work and they had a hard collection of nice paintjobs and they descitet whos the best.

    kindest regards.


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