Golden Vinci 2013 - English rules

 With the friendly assistance of:

Before serveral days we startet the second Edition of our online painting contest, the Golden Vinci.

Thanks to our media partners Tabletop Insider and Brückenkopf Online who support the Golden Vinci 2013.

There will be five categories and in every  is a bronze, silver and golden Vinci to win. Also we are giving away a few prizes randomly among the participants.

The categories

Figures up to 32mm. Sciene fiction, fantasy or historical. It doesn’t care what a socket you use. But maybe we put too big sockets which disappear the whole miniature into the open category. Mounted models (horse, striders,  cold ones, no mosters) will start in this category too.

Large Scale Models / Busts:
For all models bigger than 32mm and busts.

All the big things you can paint :)

Everything with armor-plates and on way with wheels, chains or wings

Open category:
Everything what doesn’t fit in the other categories like diorama’s, units or something like that.

It doesn’t matter what producer of the figures you use!

Deadline of the competition is the 14.04.2013 11:59 pm


To participate in the competition you have to be a followers of our blog.

You can entry one project per category and you can entry at most three projects in the whole contest.

Send us minimum three (maximum five) photos from different angles, with a max size of 1,5 MB and send it to competition@dievincis.de. You can make a collage  too. We need also your complete Name and the chosen category. At least on one photo we must see the miniature and the original vinci competition label with your name

Here you got the Vinci Competition Label

The second important rule is, that no released photos of the finished miniature are online, before your registration. If your registration is done, we get the photo and and we accept it, you can show the picture online. If we notice that anyone break a rule, we can decide to disqualify this person.

By entering the contest, you agree that we and our media partners can use your photos to display the results in the internet/print magazine.

We looking forward to see your paintjob :D

Best wishes

The whole Vinci Team

14 Kommentare:

  1. "You can participate with one entry in a category and you can entry at least three projects at the whole contest."

    Shouldn't this be "at most three projects"?



    1. Hey Gerri, thanks for shwoing us the error. You can entry one project per category but not more than three in the whole contest.

      I have fixed it.

  2. and we except it -> and we accept it
    with enter the contest you agry -> by entering the contest, you agree that we...

  3. A question. Can I show WIPs of the mini I submit before the registration or is it only finished pics of the mini that are restricted before registration?

  4. 1,5 MB is the maximum size for each pic or you r meaning of all pics for categorie?


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