Painting despite hot weather :)!

Hey Guys,

the time is short and in the last few months I wrote too less here on blog. Sorry for that! I have decided that my posts will be only in english in the future. The main reason is simply my time. As Thousand project man I have too many things I want to do. Work, girlfriend (in one year wife :D), onlineshop, painting miniatures, activities with friends and so on. Many of you know this problem ;)

So this is why you will only read the next posts in english :) I hope it's ok for you all!.

At the moment I work on two projects which must be ready in two weeks. The first is Lietpold from Forgeworld and the second one is a Praetorian Marine from Forgeworld. I really like the Miniatures!

More pictures soon ;)

Cheers Manu

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