Golden Vinci 2014 (ENGLISH RULES)

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Because of your massive entries in the last Golden Vincis and the faithfull support from Tabletop Insider, Brückenkopf-Online and Putty & Paint we proudly present the Golden Vinci 2014 .

Golden Vinci 2012
Golden Vinci 2013

The Golden Vinci 2014 starts today. You will find more informations below :-)

We are looking forward to see all the beautifull entries this year .

The categories

Figures up to 32mm. Science fiction, fantasy (Gamesworkshop Oger size are Singleminiature too) or historical. It doesn’t care what  socket you use. But maybe we put too big sockets which disappear the whole miniature into the open category. 

We were asked a lot about mounted models and the singleminiature category. All horses, striders, cold ones, will start in this category too. Monsters like dragons, manticores, pegasi or carriots belong to the monster category.

All the big things you can paint :-)

Large Scale Models / Busts:
For all models bigger than 32mm and busts.

Everything with armor-plates and  with wheels, chains or wings

Open category: 
Everything that doesn’t fit in the other categories like dioramas, units or something like that.

It doesn’t matter which producer of the figures you use!

How can you join?

To participate in the competition you have to be a followers of our blog.

You can entry one project per category and you can entry a maximum of three projects in the whole contest.

Send us minimum three (maximum five) photos from different angles, with a max size of 1,5 MB and send it to competition@dievincis.de. You can make a collage  too. We need also your complete Name and the chosen category. 

At least: On one photo must be the miniature and the original vinci competition label with your name. 

You can use a print (picture 1) or you can use it on your screen (picture 2) but we do not accept any photomontage via photoshop or something else (picture 3).

Here you get the Vinci Competition Label

The second important rule is, that no released photos of the finished miniature are online, before your registration. If your registration is done, we get the photo and we accept it, you can show the picture online. If we notice that anyone break a rule, we can decide to disqualify this person.

By entering the contest, you agree that we and our media partners can use your photos to display the results in the internet/print magazine.

We are looking forward to see your paintjob :D

Deadline of the competition is 13.04.2014 11:59 pm

What can you win?

The best three entries of every category will get the famous Vinci trophy with your Name on it.

We have a few additional prizes which we will draw out of all participant, but more informations for this in the next days.

We would be very happy about every sharing of this event or every use of our small banner below in your blogs or web sites.

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  1. Hi guys!
    It says at the top of this article that it is for the 2014 competition.
    But then the deadline at the bottom is stated as the 13.04.2013 - is that not meant to be 13.04.2014?

    1. Hey, sorry little mistake from our side, yesw thats correct the end is on 13.04.2014

  2. Hello Folks,

    I am from Brasil, I can join?

    Hugs from Brasil!

  3. Deadline of the competition is 13.04.2014 11:59 pm

  4. Your mail for registration on the contest has been send me a malware. Maybe you want check that.
    Do you recieve the emails?

    1. We received your E-Mails both, i have send you both time a answer. You are the first wo sayed we send malware, i will check this.

  5. Maybe its my mail, tell you just in case :-)

  6. Hi, do you receive my email for competition? from leonardo.archini@gmail.com
    Is it regular?

  7. Sorry for the delay. I had to write many e-mails in the last hour ;-)