Miniatures Unpacked (Borgossa from LeBeN Models Miniatures)

Hi dears readers out there. If some of you are still searching for the right christmas present, maybe this article could be for interest for you.

Today i will give you a closer look on the great Borgossa bust from LeBeN Models. It is the third bust of wonderful bunch of orc pirates. I´m sure all of you already know the amazing Gurka and Morko busts.

So let´s see what you are getting after ordering.
The Miniature came in a very soldi box which has also a nice style.

So, now let´s get into it. After opening the "treasure". Inside the box you find 4 resin parts. All parts are in high quality and i couldn´t find any mold lines or bubbles. The fitting accuracy is almost perfect, so you could start with painting right after the obligatory cleaning.

Fitting accuracy : 6 of 6  Points
Quality              : 6 of 6  Points
Box                   : 6 of 6  Points
Sculpt               :6 of 6  Points     (either you like it or not)
Price                 :5 of 6  Points    

29 from 30 points -------> very good

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