The Grid... a digital frontier.

Hey there ladies and gentlemen, dear Painters!

I recently finished a little fun Project. I always loved the Infinity Bike Miniatures. I also love the TRON Movies and their looks. So this was a pretty cool opportunity to combine both themes and making this little thingy called „The Grid“

I hope you like it, it had a great time panting these minis. It won´t be the last Infinity miniatures under my brush. :)

Here you can rate and comment if you like, i would appreciate it!

Putty and Paint

And here you have the Pics. :)

Kind regards,



  1. Hey, those bikes are awesome! Haven't been on this blog for awhile, but I love Tron, and "The Grid" feels right at home. Cool stuff.

  2. Nice! Tron for ever!
    Und das ganze aus den Infinity Modellen: Aragoto Senkenbutai.
    Hab die Modelle auch, ich wusste gar nicht, dass man so viel aus den Modellen rausholen kann.
    Danke für die Inspiration.