Solmar about his gaming armies and finding a muse.

Hey there ladies and gentlemen, dear painters!

It has been a long time since these words were to be read by you handsome and awesomely cool people! That was mainly due to much real-life distraction and the lack of motivation.

Now i am back, more motivated than ever before.. completely brush-rage going on right now. But let me tell you how that comes.

As you might know there is my nemesis called gaming armies. I love doing games, but absolutely hate it to paint a whole army with the same colors. Can you remember my post about starting a Tau army? Yep, that one unit found it´s way to the miniature graveyard.

I came to the hobby by starting Tyranids many many moons ago. So it was that day 3 weeks ago, i stood in that hobby store, looked at some Tyranids and said to myself: screw it, get 'em!

And all of a sudden, reunited with my old love, not only i had the motivation to paint all of these little fellas, but it also brought back the muse to paint my display projects. So i want to show you my first unit of Hormagaunts. I have finished the unit of Termagaunts yesterday, pics will follow.

Also stay tuned the next days to get a glimpse on a nice little project i am working on (Title: Gulmira), and a further scratchbuild i recently finished, every World of Warcraft player will love. :)

So here we go with the Pics of my new Army start that i SWEAR to continue! :)

Kind regards, Solmar.


  1. Peter aka Baphomet6. September 2015 um 13:40

    Hahaha, same thoughts here ;) starting an army once again after so many years, too. What do you think about the following idea: we both finish our nemesis and meet for a battle :D wish you all the necessary endurance!


  2. Auch wenn das Türkis/Dunkelrot nicht so ganz mein Farbschema ist, schaun die doch super aus! Bin schon sehr gespannt auf die größeren Biester deines Tyranidenschwarms. Verpinselte Grüsse ;)

  3. Keep it simple and you'll get it done. It's very hard to turn off the display painter side of yourself when doing table top jobs. Remember the 3 foot rule :)