Miniatures Unpacked "Klukva Miniatures"

Hey Guys,

today i will show you a little unpacked. The current miniatures are from a small russian brand called Klukva Miniatures Check this link for the Webshop or on Facebook here here you go.

They are also a part of our prizes for the top 3 entries in our GoldenVinci2016 contest this year (stay tuned for more informations this week)

The miniatures for the prizes came in a cool small wood box. I don't know if this is the normal packaging but I can't imagine with the low price of the miniatures.

But lets start :)

The small box contains the 4 miniatures you can buy at Klukva Miniatures Onlineshop

The first is "McKinley"
Price: 7€
Size: 36mm
Sculptor: Sergey Bondar aka "Anastas"

The second is "Great Swordsman"
Price: 8€
 Size: 37mm
Parts: 8 + 25mm base
Sculptor: Sergey Bondar aka "Anastas"


The third is "Samuel"
Price: 7€
Size: 37mm
Parts: 3 + 25mm base
Sculptor: Sergey Bondar aka "Anastas"

And last but not least "Helga"
Price: 7€
Size: 34mm
Parts: 1 + 25mm base
Sculptor: Artem Romanov


All in all a some really cool Miniatures. The cast is very good and there are not many mold lines or bubbles. The sculpt of all 4 models is very smooth and clean. My favorite is Helga! Really awesome sculpt from Artem Romanov who also won a few times here in our GoldenVinci competitions. But the other miniatures are really great too especially for the low price! So all thumbs up for this small company!

Casting quality: 5 out of 6 points
Packaging: 4 out of 6 points
Modelling: 5 out of 6 points
Cost effectiveness: 6 out of 6 points

20 out of 24 points -->GOOD

Cheers Manu

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