Lifesign from CrazyWenky

Hey guy’s

I’m looking back on four sometimes really annoying, busy and but some great days. I think since my start in this hobby I hadn’t so less color on my hands the last months. I really forgot how colors taste ^^ and how it feels to hold a brush in my hands. 

So my last post was a long time ago. But what keeps me away from posting or painting?
In May 2014 we bought a new house. My “Casa del Wenky” :D. We need a really long time to move! We never thought that we had collected so much crap over the years. Do you look sometimes in your own cellar, on your attic or in the garage :D? I think everybody who has one of those “CRAP Collection Points” know what I mean. Believe when I say that the friendly employee from the scrap yard was my best friend in this time ;). However after 2 hard weeks we've finished all.

Ok for the month May project house was finish. Time to spent the energy for the next big project. WEDDING!!! Puuuuh I thought we wouldn't need so much time…. I thought “relax” your wife is doing the monster part of the wedding planning…… I thought too much ^^. 

Here is a small tip for all the men’s out there who want to marry. No matter what you think that your girl is doing all the things… no matter her motivation is bigger than yours…. YOU STILL HAVE A LOT OF THINGS TO DO :D. Puuuh I was really braindead this time! Ok at the end it was a great celebration and all the stress was worth. And I had the best witness ever :D Vlado Thank you very much for this ;)!

Me and the greatest wife on planet earth :)
Philip and the greatest witness Vlado :D

OOOKAY I promise soon I’m finish with my big privat “WhyWasWenkyAway” story.
But here now the main reason for my hobby problem. The last years I had my small Nerdoama in my flat. Maybe you remember my old post about my Nerdorama (PLATZHALTER LINK). In my new house I found a better room for my hobby ~20m² space. So a lot of room for up to 6-8 Painters. But we had a water problem and the whole walls got wet L. So all things moved into this room moved out again. Since then everytime when I want to paint I have to search my things a long time and paint a little bit on our dinning table. After an hour I have to clear all from table because we have two cats. Ok only one of the cats try to eat all what’s smaller as her head “oh whats this? I don’t know but its smaller then my head! NOMNOMNOM”

So maybe you understand my abstinence. I have full respect for all you guys out there who have no separate painting place and who don’t know this absolute awesome option and who paint all the time for a short time and clean the place after every section. RESPECT!
But I see a light at the end of the tunnel and I think we’ve found the reason for the water problem and fixed it. So in the next 2 months I rebuild my NEW Nerdorama. Yeeeehaaaw
Nooow I’m finish with my WWWA Story and finally I show you something about my projects and small doings the last months.

I finished my latest commission work Saturday last week. Five Ravenwing Biker for my well known commissioner with the Dark Angels. It’s always a lot of fun to paint for him. So I hope he like my work again. 

The next commission is a small Red Scorpion Space Marines Army with some Marines one Cybot and two tanks. I love the Red Scorpions so I was really happy when I got this request. More pictures coming soon :)

So this was my small lifesign :D I hope I could manage it to write my next post soon.

Cheers Manu


  1. Na das nenn ich mal Neuigkeiten!

    ALLES ALLES GUTE euch beiden! Sehr schönes Foto von Braut und Bräutigam.
    Da Häuschen ja schon abgehagt ist weißt ja was die nächste "Stufe" ist ;-)

    Nochmals alles Gute, es war definitv die richtige Wahl. :-D

  2. Alles auf einen Streich, was?

    Von meiner Seite aus ebenfalls Alles Gute zur Hochzeit!

    Freut mich zu sehen, dass Du trotz allem noch Zeit zum Malen findest.

  3. Danke euch zwei!

    Ja war bissle viel was wir uns aufgebrummt haben :D

    Nächste Baustelle Verstärkung der eigenen Reihen ;)

  4. Congratulations Manu!!! No more crazy"wanking" from now on!!! hahaha no, seriously, congrats!!! :D :D :D

    1. Wow why I see this comment so late? Hahaha no more crazy "wanking" ^^ If you're married it won't be better with the special "happytime" :D

      THANK YOU Rafael!