Jon Snow finished!

Hey there ladies and gentlemen, dear painters!

Today I want to show you my latest work, the bust "Nightwatch" by Nutsplanet. It resembles of course the Game of Thrones character of Jon Snow. As I love the HBO series and also wanted to try painting human busts (i only did a monster bust before) I wanted to give him a go. :)

I aimed for a very realistic look, low contrast in his face as he is still a very young man. Color choice was pretty straight forward but I tried to paint him with desaturated skin tones to resemble the cold environment he walks in.

And as I am trying something new on every project, here are the things I have never done before:

- painting human skin in this scale
- using snow effect

I am very satisfied with the results. I would appreciate if you would like to vote or comment on P&P and CMON:

Jon Snow on CMON

Jon Snow on Putty&Paint

And finally, here are the pics:


  1. Great work! You really captured the sadness in his eyes. "You know nothing, John Snow"

  2. Excellent job, love the snow effect and his eyes...