Sarah Kerrigan by Solmar

Hey there ladies and gentlemen, dear painters!

Today i want to show you my version of the "Mila Kusanagi" 54mm Miniature. Whoever sculpted this mini, he was maybe playing Starcraft as this Mini (with some minor tweaks) comes to a clos appearance with Sarah Kerrigan, formerly known as the Queen of Blades.

As you might know i am loving Blizzard Games and also Starcraft, i wanted to show this awesome and deep charakter.

I wanted to show both of her sides, the cool, organized, yet dangerous Ghost part of her as well as her furious and menacing Zerg part. So i got the Idea of a two-themed Mini, her front resembling terran, her back in zerg colours with the energy lightnings in her face.

Also, i wanted to mirror this in her Base. I chose a big base, slightly rounded and built a terran indoor environment. But as you know her, she rips it apart and does her "Zerg-Business" with creep all around her. Never forget your creep spread! :)

As  this project means a lot to me, i would appreciate it really really much if you would likt to take your time do vote and comment. :) Thank you!

Putty and Paint


And here are the Pics:

I hope you like her as much as i do!

Kind Regards,

Daniel aka Solmar!


  1. Geiler ......! Da hast Du ein wahres Meisterwerk erschaffen. Ich hoffe die dann bald mal in all ihrer Pracht und live bewundern zu dürfen.