Sculpting time =) SciFi Ork bust

Hey Guys,

a few weeks ago I had a big motivation to paint an Orc model. I always saw cool painted Orc models from my Vinci Buddy Thomas 1, 2, 3 and want to paint my own version. 
My wish was a bust. But not a fantasy bust like the all known pirate orc or something else. It should be a SciFi Orc bust with big muscles, a lot of gear and bionics AND a cigarette really important for a orc in my opinion :)… puuuh after a long search in the world wide web I gave up. Nothing for me I wanted to paint. So the only way for me to paint a model like this, is to sculpt my own version :D

Sadly I forgot to take pictures from the first steps but I will show more detailed pictures in the next project.

The first bust I have sculpted is my No’yok an Oceanwarrior bust. It was a really simple work without many details or without much character. My new bust should have much more character and a lot of details. I want that the painter has a lot of fun during the painting so It should have enough but not too much details.

Ok I started with the bust with a roughly structure out of Super Sculpey. I baked this one because I need a solid basement for my final putty. For sculpting I use BeesPutty Plastic Firm. I reeeeally like this stuff and it’s absolutely awesome to work with! Check out BeesPutty here or the Facebookpage.

After around 4 hours of work roughly sketched :) ...

I asked my Vinci Bro’s about their opinion and change some small parts, thanks Bro's ;)! After around three additional hours I got this one.


Sadly I have no sculpt God next to me who can help me with the anatomy and give me feedback on the main important things, so I was glad when I remembered that Raffa from MassiveVoodoo came for a Beginners Class Workshop to Blumberg Achdorf. Raffa checked the sculpt and gave me some tips about a few anatomic problems. Small things to change but a huge effect! Thanks Raffa for the help :D!!! So I remove and correct some areas and added a few more details. 

This is now the current state of the bust. I want to finish the “naked” version first. Then I will bake it and add the gear armory and other stuff.


I hope you like it :) more pictures soon!

Cheers Manu


  1. Great sculpt! Love seeing such a characterful orc bust like this. Did you use any 2D reference material or just out of your creative brain? Will there be a chance for others to get a cast of this and paint one? Amazing work!

    1. Hey Scherdy, thanks for the kind words :)! I did a fast sketch on paper first and for this I used some inspirations from Gamesworkshop. For me this are some of the coolest SciFi Orks :).

      And yes when he's finish I want to make copies and you can order it in my Onlineshop.

      Regards Manu

    2. I think i will paint one them too. Nice to see your progress

    3. Yeah we can talk about the Box Art Thomas ;)