Muuhahharararaar *g*

Eben war der Postbote da und hat wieder mal Miniaturen Nachschub gebracht *g*
Mal schauen was wir da tolles für die Massive Voodoo Ultimate Plastic Knight Challenge bauen können.

Just the postman was there and has brought some miniatures * g * Let's see what great things we can build with this Stuff for the MassiveVoodoo Ultimate Plastic Knight Challenge.


  1. 3 Packs to select just a single Knight? (The Contest is about ONE Knight-Figure....) Anyway: Good Luck Mate!

  2. Ich denke eher, dass sie sich die Boxen teilen und jeder einen Ritter macht. Wünsche euch viel Spaß dabei! Ich hab leider keine Zeit dafür.

  3. @Wiking
    From MV: You can do bases however you like and also the amount of knights doesn't matter at all. Fifty fighting Fifty, only one, a duel or go to the thousands in numbers as you like. Everything is welcome.

    Anyway we have bought this 3 Packs for 4 Guys ;-)

  4. Oh...in this case: i sayd nothing! ^^ Let´s get it on! \m/