Finally finished projects

Hello my friends  chamber kids and brush licker . Had been a long time that I posted something here this is because I didn`t do so much this year and my old problem taking photos of my Minis.

Two months ago me and my loves ( which are my girlfriend and my cat ) moved into a new house because the old one had been sold by the owner  . The old wooden farm house we lived in was in bad shape which you can`t see on the next photo but believe me it was .If this gives you an idea , it had been an  awesome reference for old rotten wood which barely hold its structure.

What you can see is me while I taking a smoke but I think everybody who knows me can`t remember a situation in which I don`t do so .

So bla bla bla ... had been sad after 9 years ......so much memories   .... it was beauty "sniff".

But in the end we found something equal or even better which is now that.       


Pretty awesome I think .
After we finished moving I just can say it is better to be a hunter than a collector it had been a pain in the ass moving all this resin , metal , plastic stuff.
But stopp crying little baby cause as a miniature nerd I was able with  a little argumentation to reserve me my pretty shinny new hobby room and start to plan and install the brand new miniature manufactory.

At this time it was like : "this is gonna be so awesome , on the left I will do all the dirty work like preparing the miniature and build bases and afterwards I roll to the right and do the priming and other airbrush work and at least I head to the center and do all the rest of magic to my projects while watching the alps . And everything will be awesome and well organised .All the old projects will be finished .
But guess what .Yes I did nothing , the desk is already a mess and I still stuggeling with the old problems , forcing contrast and trying to understand how to paint all this freaky surfaces on a mini. Anyway,it  is still a fun hobby and I am not completely hopeless to get better , maybe in future .

This morning it looked like this

And here is a view into the cabinet of shame 
You see still a lot do .

But I also finished some stuff and I was also able to take a bunch of blurry photos  of older finished projects which you gonna see in a second from new to the older ones.

By the way I don`t know what is wrong with this photography shit , I can`t do it ??

 Hello Lady if got there something and it itches and wanna ask you for support ??

 Daa..daa ...daa..daa  BATMAN!!!

 For the Emperor


If you wanna see more photos just klick the links below.

And like always ,feel free to comment and don`t be shy , if you don`t wanna pet my belly I like you boys and girls anyway  ,maybe  ;-)

Carol the Nurse 


  1. Aaalter du hast ja fast das ganze Hobbyzone Rack! Wenn ich groß bin, will ich auch mal Jensi werden :D

    Die Hütte schaut ja auch cool aus :D musst mal nen Malkränzchen WE organisieren ;)

    1. Das können wir gern mal machen . Pennplätze hat es genug . Und mit den Hobbyzone Sachen ist es wie mit allem bei mir , mit Mass macht keinen Spass ;-) Bin halt auch gern mein eigenes Kind

  2. Geile neue Hütte! Für wann lädst Du mich ein?

    1. Du musst dich selbst einladen, Thomas.
      So mach ich das jedenfalls, hehe...

  3. congrats on the new place and the great mini creatin room!

  4. Thx man , now I just have to use is it from time to time ;-)

  5. Jens, my dear friend.

    Funny for me to see that here. However, I like your soul striptease ;)
    As you know, I really like your new house and I'm f***ing jealous of your new working place. So, be sure, after finishing my master thesis, I will come over daily and force you to paint!! How does that sound? I'm looking forward...

    CU, Cornel

    1. That sounds awesome can't wait to get my ass kicked :-) you and your family are always welcome .