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The first half of the year is over but the Golden Vinci must not miss in the year :). Therefore we prowdly announce the 5th. Golden Vinci in 2016.

Again in the sponsoring team are Tabletop Insider and Brückenkopf-Online, Putty & Paint the Big Panda V Hobbyshop and CrazyWenky.de.Thanks for your trust and support.

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The Golden Vinci 2016 starts at 01.06.2016. Detailed Information follows right below :-)

We are already excited what beautiful contributions you'll be able to accomplish in one of the following  categories:

The Categories

Single Miniature:
The category single miniature is for figures up to 32mm (Models like ogres are ALSO part of this category, even if their actual size is more than 32mm). Your mini can stand on a normal or a scenic base (But diorama like bases, which set the miniature in the background or be a huge part of your project, will be moved to the Open category by us).

There where always questions about mounted models. In the single miniature category only horses, cold ones, boars are allowed. Pegasi, dragons, manticores or war chariots etc. will be part of the Monster category.

Here is the place of all your big guys. Monsters of all kinds from Fantasy to Science Fiction or other. Even monsters riding on a monster are allowed.

Large Scale Models / Busts:
This category applies to figures larger than 32mm and busts.

Everything with wheels, tracks, armor plates and wings - if they're mechanical.

This is the place for all the goodies which don't fit in the other categories. Like dioramas, whole units or something like that.

How can I participate?

If you like to participate in our contest, you must be a follower of our blog.

It is possible to participate in more than on category, but you're only allowed to contribute in a category once. There is a maximum of three contributions in total.

We primarily judge the painting of your contribution - 'cause this is a painting contest - but over all idea, atmosphere and basing are part of it.

Sending us pictures of your project is a concluding agreement we (dieVincis) and our media partners allowed to show these in context with this competition.

Deadline of the competition is 01. November 2016 23:59 CET

How to send my pictures?

Please take a minimum of 3 to max.5 pictures from different angles. Keep in mind not to extend the size of your pictures over 1.5MB.

Please make also sure you keep some of the higher quality files stocked at home, because our media partner Tabletop Insider will need those for publishing.

Send your pictures at competition[at]dievincis.de there must be your name and the matching category of your contribution in this e-mail.

Please send separate e-mails for your different contribution naming them with matching title in the subject line.

Golden Vinci 2016 Single Miniatur
Golden Vinci 2016 Large - Busts
Golden Vinci 2016 Monster
Golden Vinci 2016 Vehicle
Golden Vinci 2016 Open

For example: Golden Vinci 2016  Vehicle - Königstiger

At least one of the pictures must show your miniature with the original vinci competition label with your name.

Please follow the the instructions displayed in the pictures above. This picture will not be published, it is only to check for us, that the competition entry is yours.

There has to be no pictures of your miniature on the internet, the day you enter the competition. Work in progress stuff excluded. You'll get an confirmation mail from us, that your contribution is in the contest. After that, you'll be free to show it if you like. If you deviate from this rules, keep in mind we will probably exclude your contribution from the contest.

Everybody can compete, except the Vinci Team.


You already know our Golden Vinci Trophy by now, we believe. But we'll show them here anyways :)

Please help us to spread the word, no matter if it's on your own blog or Facebook or whatever, so we can reach as many Painters/Modellers as possible.

And if you like, we would be proud if you use this banner:

We are already excited to see your contribution for this year.

Cordially greetings,

The Vincis

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