Miniatures Unpacked (Grünkful - MProyec)

Hello dear painters out there. Grünkful from MProyec. Sculpted by the very talented Raúl Garcia Latorre. I really liked the miniature from the first little teasers i saw. So it was just a matter of time till i have bought it. Today the miniature has arrived and i unboxed it directly. So here comes a little review about packaging and cast quality and stuff. The miniature came in a vary solid box. Nothing special but solid. Could be a little bit more interesting like the boxes of LeBen Models but ok.

After openig the box i got a insight of the packaging and had a first view on the miniature. The parts of the miniature was filled in three plastic bags. And the empty space was filled up with styrofoam. All in all the miniature comes without any damage. Very safe packaging.

Beside the miniature there were two cards included. One with a signed original concept drawing and one authenticity certificate.

Now let´s have a closer look to the cast of the miniature. All parts are in a high quality resin. After detailed inspection of the several parts ( at least six parts ) i hardly find any mold lines or bubbles on the most parts. Just some very tiny areas to rework but nothing what a sharp cutter couldn´t solve. Just on the arm with the axe you can see a little displacement of the casting box. This isn´t a big disaster but i think it is unnecessary if you cinsider the price of the miniature. The miniature is a bit pricey in comparison with other 75mm miniatures in my opinion. But now let´s take a look at the pictures and get an idea of it for yourself.

Conclusion: Ok...now we come to an end. I will skimp myself and just say, if you like dwarfes and you are not afraid of the costs for this miniature....do it.

Quality : 5 of 6 Points
Fitting accuracy : 6 of 6 Points
Packaging : 5 of 6 Points
Sculpt : 6 of 6 Points ( i like dwarfes ;-) )
Price and what you get : 5 of 6 Points
27 Points of 30 Points