Who is... "Jens aka Didgman"?

Hello out there

I would like to introduce myself, my name is Jens aka Didgman and I am one out of the three very new Vinci`s.
I got invited by the vinci`s after an awesome weekend at the SMC where I also met the other two new Vinci`s Daniel aka Solmar and Thomas aka DarkKnight.

I am now 34 years old, and I am a newcomer to the hobby I started 2011 after I remembered what kind of fun it had been to build up airplane modells. So you guys see that it is  a kind of a midlife crisis I stepped into cause thinking of good old times and trying to bring the good old childhood back :)
But let us come back to the point, I started with a GW starterbox and begun to build up a Space Marine Army , really from the start of it , my main intrest had been to build and paint up these guys.  I also did a bunch of games which had been real fun but I spent more time to force my skills in painting then reading rules.
 First I watched  different painting videos on youtube and tried to get better to reach a good tabletop standard.
But after a I visited  the workshop in Blumberg  these year 2014 at MV Jar`s beginner where I also met some of the Vinci`s, the focus now is mainly on painting up miniatures and bring them to a showcase level.
The Motivation curve after I meet the guys of  Massive Voodoo rised up realy high  ,so I did another awesome Workshop at Blumberg with Fernando Ruiz. and last but not least I went to Augsburg to do MV Jar`s basing Workshop.

Now I force myself to get better every project, so if you will follow my posts in the future you gonna see hopefully some progress in what I did and what I will do.
I am still far away from being a good painter but I wanna invite you to attend me on this journey to get better.

Here you see some of the work which I did so far, and you will see some bad mold lines, beautifull drybrushed modells and high end edge highlighted once :-)

 Space Marines outer Space
            from 2011 to 2014

Steel Legion of Armageddon
                 from 2013

Jar`s beginnerworkshop


Thanks for your interest and as you hopefully see  there is an improvement in quality of the miniatures .

If you can`t

Feel free to comment and make me cry

Gallerien von Jens

on Putty&Paint


on Coolminiornot


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