Who is... "Thomas aka Dark Knight"

Hello Followers 

Here is a little introduction to the person or maybe the artist DarkKnight.
I am a new member of the great da Vincis. Really proud to getting a member of this crew.

Ok so now let´s start.

My name is Thomas and i´m 34 years old. Since 2005 i´m married with the greatest wife on earth and my daughter was born in 2007. 
We live in a small town in the south of cologne /germany. When i´m not working on my projects i fill my freetime with family, mountainbiking, soccer, World of Warcraft and many other stuff.
I have started with the miniature hobby back in 2009. Some years before i tried to paint some miniatures for gaming, but the motivation gets lost very fast. After searching for a new hobby i came back to 
it and visiting one of Roman Lappats beginner classes. I think it was his first or second workshop. That was the point when the hobby hits my heart. I found so much fun in it. Painting miniatures and meeting people.
For me the best part of the miniature hobby is the community. I have met so much nice people. Some of them are good friends now. 
If i can i spend a lot of time with painting. I would say almost 3 hours a day. Ok, not every day cause there is job and a family that needs my attention too but i try to paint every day to stay in " shape " :-)
Mostly i paint fantasy miniatures but sometimes there is a Sci -Fi or a historical mini that i also wants to paint. The level of painting is usually showcase but sometimes i paint a miniatures just for relaxing in a upper gaming level.

Motivation and inspiration for me comes from different things. It could be a movie, a drawing or even a book. Meeting up with some painting friends or shows are always very motivating. You get an idea and chat about it with friends. I think you can be inspired in so many ways....just listen to your inner voice and than do it.

So, thats it so far. I hope we will have a much fun together here on the blog. 



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