Starting a TAU Army for fun

Hey there ladies and gentlemen, dear painters.

It is time for a (short) first post here on the Vincis by myself. I want to show you my Ideas for a fun TAU army, i want to collect.

This series will be interesting for gamers, as i will show you, how you can make quick progress. On the first unit i will just show you the final results and tell you the time i sped for it. Expect some step by step tutorials on further models of this army.

For today let´s start with the Bases. My TAU are not these wimpy handsome guys that are fighting for the greater good. My army is a Band of hardliners, completely insane freaks that want to slay everything.. Khorne TAU as you want.

So for the bases i wanted a quick look of a destroyed city. This is what came out:

Tell me what you think of them. Painting time of these 12 unit bases and 2 Flying bases was roughly 2 Hours. For all of them.

Kind regards, Solmar


  1. Sehr geil Daniel, schön mal wieder was von dir zu hören!

  2. Schicke Bases! Whow… zudem werden sich einig treue Leser sicherlich über so ein Projekt freuen, wie ich selbst als alter Tabletop Spieler im übrigen auch.

  3. Really cool can`t wait to see what you can do in 2 hours of fast miniature painting :)