Modells Unpacked ("Wizard of Pumpkinland" from TinyTalesStudio)

Hey Guys,

today i want to show you a really cool small guy! The Wizard of Pumpkinland from tinytalesstudio. Tinytales is a small miniature company with a big amount of really cool small miniatures and scenery parts. And the best all the miniatures and stuff are cheaper than a Double Whopper in Burger King :). Three Euro for one miniature? What the.... ! I think you will not find much miniatures with such a low price!

Check out Tinytales here on Facebook and give a like if you want :)

Also you can check out Phils cool review about small equipment for scenery and a other cool miniature from tinytales too that way :)

And check out our current special TinyTales category in our GoldenVinci 2015 contest. Maybe you are fast and can manage a entry with that figure :). There is still over one month left for you ;) so take part and win a aweseome TinyTales Trophie!

Ok lets start with the pictures and after that my conclusion :D

If you want to paint a small figure in between your other projects the TinyTaleStudio miniatures are absolutely perfect! The miniature has only a small mould line you can see on the third picture. This mould line is easy to fix and for 3€ this miniature is just awesome! Where you can get this miniature? Have a look in Vlado's shop BigPandaV ! Here you can get the most of the TinyTales stuff and much more.

Casting quality: 5 out of 6 points
Packaging: 6 out of 6 points
Modelling: 5 out of 6 points
Cost effectiveness: 6 out of 6 points +1 bonuspoint because it's soooo cheap

23 out of 24 points -->VERY GOOD*  

I hope you like it!

Cheers Manu

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