Review PaintingBuddha Season 1.2 Freehands & Banners

Today I would like to talk about the PaintingBuddha Season 1.2 Freehands & Banners DVD .

First of all I `ve got to say that I am a big fan of video tutorials, that`s  because I looked a lot of them the past 4 years when I started painting and learned a lot out of them.

The main Problems with painting videos are often the way they are produced.
Mainly you got the focus on the miniature itself, and the commentary focus is what colour the painter uses and what brand it is.
But for myself it is more important to know, how did the painter paint something specific, so what technic did he use and what`s the consistence of the paint.

And that`s what the Painting Buddha guys do right. They got 3 cameras, one on to the miniature ,one on the painter itself and the last one on to the wet pallette.

So you are able to see what they are doing with the miniature you can see if the painter does any brush-licking before blending and you can see the colour and its conistence on the wet palette.

In my eyes another important part is what the Buddha`s doing right is the interview part during the painting process, so there is somebody who ask`s the painter questions  why he does what he does .

So that have been some main impressions to the videos of the Painting Buddha Crew, but  I wanted to talk about one of their newest DVD`s the PaintingBuddha Season 1.2 Freehands & Banners with Stephan Rath

This DVD show how you could do complex freehands on to larger areas like a banner.
There is  aslo an explanation about different colour consistences and how to use them.
Last but not least there is also a turtorial by Matti, how to build different Banner out of different Materials.
The painter itself is Stephan Rath aka Derwish, winner of  3 Slayer Swords and a lot of other Awards.
Stephan is famous for his stunning Freehands.
It is also nice to see that he seems to be able to paint stunning miniatures with GW brushes :) .
He is showing a nice step by step how to use a grid pattern to scale down larger images and transfer it to another surface.

Here you see a little Teaser:

On this DVD you got 2 different language Options in German and English
and don`t ask me how much subtitles in wich language is available , there are a lot .

There are 2 DVD`s in a beautiful designed Digipack

Price 29 Euro`s

At the end I like to say that I really enjoyed this 2 DVD`s and the price is worth it .
I can recommend to buy this DVD`s cause the quality is really good and the price is also Ok.
If you are interested have a look at PaintingBuddha.com.

Thanks for your attention .

Regards Jens


  1. This looks absolutely great, more money will be gone:-D. Thanks for sharing:-)

    1. You are welcome if you are Interested in this Kind of Videos have a look at there Painting Buddha Academy memebership where you can stream or download different Videos of them at Vimeo .
      I be a member and do absolutely recommend it .

  2. Thanks for sharing & enjoying Jens! :)

  3. Danke für das Review! Die CD`s sind einfach nur der Hammer. Also ab Season 1.1 bis 1.3.
    Nur zum Weiterempfehlen.
    Danke Jens!