Wooorkbench Lifesign from CrazyWenky

Hey Guys,

maybe you remember me, it’s me CrazyWenky I’m one of dieVincis :D!

Yes a long time has passed since my last post. A reeeally long time. There are a lot of things I had and still have to do outside the hobby and if I have some time for painting or sculpting whatever the motivation for a blog post didn’t exist. Fortunately my new hobby room is finished and now I have no more an excuse for a missing work place!

Anyway :) I don’t wanna talk too much about less motivation, or find some reason why I’m so long away from the blog. Let’s celebrate my first NEW Blogpost after some Months!

In November Phil, Vlado and I decided to try a little motivation push. We called it One month one project (and a post of this project on the blog). If anyone don’t complete this monthly challenge have to pay 5€ in our summer Barbecue Piggy Bank :D. Ok at the moment Vlado and I (especially me) were the power supporter for this event :) Phil did nearly all of his projects (damned you and your motivation :D). Be sure you will see the pictures of our EpicVinciMealtime :D because you know, dieVincis contains all the things for real men... miniatures and good food :D

Ok back to the challenge I painted every month a project up to 90% ready and started a new one in the followed months. Bad mistake I should always finish the one piece and show it on the followed month :). Ok this is now past. Today you see a few of my WIP pictures of the last OMOP’s (my new word for “One month one project“ OMOP). I hope you like it. All projects still WIP ;) I hope to finish this pieces soon! The bust and the Goblin will get a little unpacked in the next days :) Stay tuned:)


And do not forget :) only few weeks left for the GoldenVinci 2015 competition! Hurry up a lot of beautiful entries ar in yet. 




  1. Tolle Sachen und sehr schön das Du wieder aktiv dabei bist!

  2. Sehr schöne Sachen mit echt tollen Farbkombis.

    Freue mich auf die Bilder der fertigen Arbeiten.

  3. Wow! Wie cool ist denn! Die Farbkomis sind echt so was von cool.

  4. Die Büste ist Dir echt gelungen , die Totenkopf Gesichtsbemalung wirkt echt wie geschminkt .
    Thumbs up.

  5. Danke euch :) ja die Schminke sollte auch wie geschmiert bzw. geschminkt aussehen, aaaaaber jetzt hab ich das Problem, dass die ganzen Schatten die ich vorher schön bemalt hatte wieder weg sind. Arrrg mal gucken wie ich die wieder hinbekomme.