Review Painting Workshop with Alfonso Giraldes aka Banshee in Augsburg

Good morning dudes!

One month has passed since the painting workshop with Alfonso Giraldes in Augsburg. For all of you guys who didn’t know the cool Reviews from Mr .Lee or MassiveVoodoo or I want to tell you something about my experience of this workshop.

To MassiveVoodoo Review 

For all of you who don't know Alfonso check here his Facebook page or his putty&paint gallerie

Before the workshop started I was a little bit scared because the whole workshop was hold in English. Will I understand all the things or can I ask the right questions? Lot of thoughts inside my head before the workshop started. But at the end I had no problem to UNDERSTAND all the things Alfonso told us. The biggest part of the workshop is color theory and the correct combination of colors (exactly that things I want to improve).
So a big part of the workshop is to listen Alfonso’s journey through the color world. And It reminds me at good old school times :).

I don’t know why but I think I must had a big shield over my head with big letters “ALFONSO PLEASE ASK ME, I WANNA GIVE ANSWERS TO YOUR QUESTIONS” …. NO I WON’T :)… My English is good enough to understand, but too bad to hold good conversations or to give answers on such complex themes. So the most time of my answers I looked like Rajesh Koothrappali when he try to talk with girls :D. I really have to improve my English skills ^^

Ok back to topic :). I saw the list with all the participants a few months ago and I was so happy to see all those guys together a whole weekend! The painting level of all the participants was extremely high but I think Alfonso helped all of us a lot.


Day 1. We began the workshop with some information’s about the main colors and the power of each main color red/yellow/blue in the mixtures. We got a lot of exercises to mix some different colors of our colorcollection only with the three main colors + white and black. A really great experience! 
After the first mix experiments we should choose two colors and shade it in a warm direction and a cold direction. Also highlight those colors in a warm and a cold way. WOW what a hard exercise! After a long time of paper painting and theory the first evening ends with a beer at Raffa’s home. 

Ok what I say after the first day? Why the hell I have such an amount of different colors :)? In the past I thought I’m faster when I use all the pre mixed colors but since that workshop I know how more comfortable it is to mix my own colors! You are more flexible because you have a much better control of the temperature and the saturation of the colors.
Day 2. Moooore theory :D my head is exploding! So much informations and my hands wanted to take the brush and start painting the miniature. But noooo! MOOOOORE Theorie :D! 

Dejavu time! 2011 the Killercolor Yellow from Vallejo found his first victim :). Philip lost the fight with this diabolic color at the Paintingworkshop with MassiveVoodoo :D

2015 Vallejo Yellow struke back and try to kill Jonathan :D. This can't be a coincidence! Two workshops and twice the same color! Take care if you paint with evil yellow in the future :) !!!

Ok after several more exercises at 18:00 o’clock we were allowed to put some paint on the figure. YEEEAH!!!!  Its like you’re sitting in front of an really big hamburger with extra cheese a bread – beacon realation of 1:10 with a super extra smokey souce and a big cold coke. But you’re not allowed to eat that. You can only look on this beautiful  piece of food (ok I’m very hungry at the moment during the postwriting ^^) and with one commando you’re allowed to eat! This was the feeling of this moment :D.We painted until evening and celebrate our second day with some Mexican Food :)


Day 3. More Color on the miniatures and some more theorie. Alfonso spent time to all of us and gave feedback about the colors and what we should change. And here a little suggestion, do never say to Alfonso that you think your shadow is done! NEVER! If you do..... Alfonso will pick your strongest ink or darkest color (you can't hide those colors because he will pick some from your neigbhour).... and he will sketch some extra strong shadows on the CORRECT positions. Have fun to blend them back! I know what I say and Roman too :D *bäääääm shadow*

But the coolest part of day 3 was the painting demo from the God of Colors itself :).

 (Photobomb Kyle :D)

Alfonso need only about one hour for this.... ONE HOUR!!!

Conclusion: I visited now nearly all of the workshopguys in germany. Alfonso was my first international workshopleader. All of the workshops from all guys have their own cool reasons to take part. But this workshop is really pretty awesome!
The workshop isn't for beginners in my opinion because the theorie is a really big and mindblowing part of this three days. But for advanced and pro painters it's really worth!
Sadly I couldn't realize the theory of Alfonso 1:1 on my miniature. But I will try all the learned things on a future project. Thanks to Alfonso for this awesome workshop, I will never forget you and this great experience!

Cheers Manu


  1. Nice Review my friend , it`s nice to see that I can laugh with you even when I just read a post of yours ;)
    I heard a lot know about this crazy Banshee Workshop and hopefully I will have the Chance to visit one of those in future .
    Greets from your Vinci brother

    1. Glad you like it :D and I hope you laugh about the content and not only my bad english ^^

  2. I am not into a position to laugh about other peoples english skills .

  3. My English also isn´t "the yellow from the egg". *lol* I found your post very interesting. Thanks al lot.