CrazyWenky's Dark Elves Armyproject DAY 1

Hey Guys,

since years i have planed to restart my old Dark Elves Army when the new rulebook release is coming out.
NOW is the time :D. Today i received the first part of my Dark Elve Army. Much more will come when the second wave is available (Jesus! Sorry moneypocket! :-) )

Today i have started to build something. But the new sprues have a lot of burrs :( so it takes a lot of time to build up the small troops as you can see below.
Tomorrow and the whole remaining week i will build up the modells (i try it ^^) I'm still consider about the bases. I think i will choose a variante of an Army who stay in HIS Castle so i choose dark marble plates maybe with a little bit of earth and a few skulls. I don't know maybe i will get a great idea in the next days. This are the reason why i build up all first and then start to paint.

This is the first order

40 Warriors ( i will build 20 warriors and 20 crossbower)
10 Knights
20 Witches (yeeeeah i looove the models)
1 Chaudron (for the witches)
1 Hydra (i build the Karyndriss because it looks much better ^^)
1 Sorceress
1 Assasine
1 Dreadlord on Dragon
1 Rulebook

This are the first 6 Modells of the first day. I think tomorrow all 20 witches and the hydra is ready too. I'm scared to deburr the 40 warriors ^^

The only thing i hate at the witches, are the non flexibility of the arms and heads. You HAVE to build it like the construction plan or it doesnt work without a lot of resculpting time. And this time i don't have because its only a Army to play and i want to finish it!

Keep on watching tomorrow the next pictures will come :)

Cheers Manu


  1. Die neuen Hexenkriegerinnen seh'n aber schon sehr schick aus. Schade das GW keinen Weg gefunden hat die flexibler posierbar zu machen. Allerdings habe ich die Bausätze bislang ja nur auf Bildern gesehen.