CrazyWenky's Workbench and SMC preparation :)

Wuuuh man this week i have not painted as much as i wished. To much work in the firm and i have listened to my girlfriend as she is planing our wedding :D. This is really a long list you have to check for a wedding ^^ no matter that the wedding is not before the next 8 months. Ok but back to Topic...

...i wasn't completly idle :)

I have designed our shirts for the Scale Modell Challenge (ok i have designed it two weeks ago :)). You can met Phil, Vlado and me on Sunday in Eindhoven. Each of us wears such a shirt. If you see one of us please feel free to speak with us :)

I painted for Philip from Massive Voodoo a small miniature in excange for a miniature from him. This miniature is one of my entries for the competition and after the event he will get the miniature. I hope he like it ;)

Ok now to the Dark Elve project. Don't be angry i lost my motivation :) i'm still motivated and on Monday i will strike back again :D
Here is a very early WIP from my Medusa.

Tomorrow at 9 o'clock we start our journey to Eindhoven, maybe we will see us ;)

Cheers Manu

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