CrazyWenky's Dark Elves Armyproject DAY 3

Today there are not many big news. I started to build the Cauldron of blood. In many sneak pictures and in the White Dwarf you could see the medusa have a little displaced breast, but its a bad angle of view in my opinion because my medusa doesn't have a displaced breast :) WUUUHUU so --> nice modell.

Here are some sprue pictures as i promised :)





For the next weekend (Scale Modell Challenge) i have to finish this miniature. The Gunnery Sergeant Harker from Games Workshop. Philip from Massive Voodoo and i planed to paint a miniature for each others display cabinet. Both miniatures we started at my "Malkränzchen Deluxe" but we didn't finish it so we decided to finish the paintjob for the SMC. I'm very excited about and looking forward to hold Philips miniature in my hands :D

Harker is still WIP :D  
you will see finished pictures at the end of next week

Cheers Manu

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