CrazyWenky's Dark Elves Armyproject DAY 2

Hey Guys,

I know a few hours to late for the second day post  ;) but here are the results from today.

Today I worked only around 4 hours and could deburr and glue only this additional models.

1 Kharibdyss
5 additional Witches (10 left)
10 Crossbower (30 warriors left wuuuääähhh)
1 Assasine

Tomorrow or better today in the afternoon I'll show you some pictures of the sprues too.

Oookay what's my result or opinion about the new dark elves plastic sprues at the moment?

- The design is really cool. The witches are great, the Kharibdyss is a great monster too.

- The fitting of each parts are really great. No big wholes or cracks *thumbs up*

- but so good the fitting so bad the burrs, daaaaamn what a deburr work *THUMBS DOWN*!

But the most annoying thing is the totally constrained poses from ALL Modells.

-The poses of the warrior are all the same :( that's such a pity... you have ONE PART with the WHOLE BODY except the arms so you can't create some other poses.

-The same at the witches. OK they look great but you can't build them differently. All arms and weapons have their place and you can't turn an arm in another angle or turn the head. All single parts have fixed positions. So customized models take a lot of work and a lot of sculpting skills.

But I love the dark elves and nevertheless I'm happy to paint them soon :D

Today at 10:00 AM I visit Vlado for a little talk and drink some coffee and to get my new Scale75 Colorsets you can order from his Shop BigPandaV and bring some warriors for him to deburr :D

See you tomorrow (no today it's really to late....) good night :D

Cheers Manu

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  1. "No big holes..." Hä? Und was ist das dann für eine Öffnung in der Brust der Hydra, ah Verzeihung Kharibdyss? Oder haben diese Tiere ihre Körperöffnung nicht hinten sondern vorne?