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Hey ho,

Loooong time ago since my last post and I can't explain what’s going on with my motivation. The most time I made excuses to myself or to friends like "I have no time", "I'm to busy", "to much work" what ever. But when I really think about my "busy life" then I realize that I have enough time for all the things I want to do. What keeps me away? Social Networks visiting all kind of forums and blogs E-Mails and much more. There is always the feeling need to know all about everyone and everything. Frustrating because when I have finish my exploration of the big world wide web I restart it because the hundreds of new mails from the last 30 minutes. It's a vicious circle :(.
(Oook it's not only the world wide web, at the moment I'm really busy because I’m planning to buy a house for me and my girlfriend and now we are just before to close the deal.)
So I will try the same as I tried a hundreds of times. Reduce the internet time to a minimum and spend more time for the family and the hobby! Maybe it works from now on -.-

But it's overall too quiet in our Vinci Nerdoramas at the moment. We all have a lot of things that keeps us away from the hobby. I hope we can manage this in the next weeks.

And don't forget the Golden Vinci 2014 :D until now a lot of beautiful Minis arrived us and we hope many more will come.

Here are some of my current WIP's I'm working on.
The first is a Teutonic Knight from Pegaso Models. It is my first 75mm miniature I have ever painted and I think it's the last one ^^. Goood damned the motivation on this guy at the moment is lower than at all other miniatures I have ever painted. But one of my New Year’s resolution was to finish old miniatures i started in the last years but I've never finished. And this is a lot of stuff :D. My Vinci brothers told me a lot that I should finish my old works before I start a new project again and again and again, but what did the CrazyWenky HE START A NEW PROJECT... But no more words ^^...

I hope you will see the final pictures of this model soon.

(Ohhh man I prepared this post a month ago and first now it's Online! Shame on me!)

Cheers Manu

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  1. oh yeah, even i have the feeling that i spend way to much time surfing the web.
    and that without being a FB member, no twitter, no instagsomething, no smartphone.
    so i can hardly grasp the feeling you got, as a "more connected" person.

    just try to limit your online time and try to squeeze in some painting time every day, and then motivation will return.

    my big "paintingmotivationkiller" at the moment is the TV.
    i just sit down to relax a little, watch the news, the weather forecast, maybe a early evening short documentary, than i start to zap around and get stuck somewhere else....
    that sucks mate....

    yesterday the same happend, but then at 2200 i kicked myself into the ........ and went to my painting table.
    and you know what happend?
    motivation and creativity returned so strong that i worked till 0030. and without my girlfriend i would have worked for even longer.

    to make a long text short: painting two hours a day makes you happy