What a AWESOME Nerd Weekend!!!

Woooow what a great weekend i had! 

Thanks a lot to Peter Toth from Massive Voodoo for being our super host of a really great painting weekend. Raffa, Bene and Phil from Massive Voodoo and Markus Thomas and Luke also took part. Eight crazy painting Nerds in a small flat a whole weekend :D YEAH!

Friday we arrived Peter at around 18:00 o’clock. After a big pizza order and some nice talks we start to prepare our workplaces. Than the first evening ends at 5:30 of the next morning :D

A few guys was sculpting the whole time on some awesome sculpts and the others paint on their miniatures. The air was full of art and creativity and a little bit of body odour :D or was it more body odour? I can't remember :) but it was great!

I worked on my Teutonic knight and finished the inner parts except the white coat. Man what a heavy big tin monster! My hands hurts after painting and my muscles feels like Homer Simpson :D

But here is the current WIP status of the knight. I hope you like it

All in all a really nice weekend, nice people, good food and a lot of inspiration and big motivation kick for the next time. 

I hope i see you guys soon again!!!

Cheers Manu

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